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60 Second interview: James Parkinson

Name: James Parkinson

Job Title: Costs Lawyer

Background: After completing my LPC with an initial plan to become a high profile defence solicitor I discovered the costs industry and decided to move into a world where maths meets the law. I am now a qualified costs lawyer at an A&M Bacon under the tutelage of highly experienced costs lawyers. I have retained my defendant slant however and my caseload is mainly defendant orientated.

Area of Speciality: I am currently moving towards recovering costs from the LAA for non-funded parties.

What do you see as the main challenge(s) for Costs Lawyers over the next year?

Education. There is a presumption amongst those in industry that the industry is warranted despite clear evidence that the current legal regime is ‘disproportionate,’ with the development of a litigious society still rearing its head. Those in the industry need to come to the realisation that change is needed to reduce the significant costs in litigation, particularly in a generation of austerity. Pinching the catchphrase from the Brexit debate, I feel an Australian style system cannot come soon enough!

Interests outside of work:

Primarily sports related, both watching and playing at a poor level. I have dabbled with a blog regarding the sport of kings and seeing a bit of the world; there is a lot to be seen outside the niche world of maths lawyering.​

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