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Civil Procedure Rules Committee's latest meeting minutes look at fixed recoverable costs and QOCS

The Civil Procedure Rules Committee have confirmed that they are contemplating a further consultation regarding Qualified One Way Costs Shifting (QOCS), as predicted by our Brand Ambassador Master Peter Haworth in our November 2021 edition of our Bacon Broadcast, which can be viewed here A&M Bacon Broadcast – Master Haworth discusses Ho v Adelekun – YouTube

The Civil Procedure Rules Committee have also held their first meeting to look at Fixed Recoverable Costs, with a precise timetable for substantive reporting to the CPRC and ultimate implementation yet to be fixed. The sub-committee will also consider FRC in the context of vulnerable witnesses/parties. A substantive review of the structure of CPR Part 45 was also envisaged, subject to a current review on costs by the Civil Justice Council.

It was also acknowledged that PD 3D (Mesothelioma Claims) is better placed outside the generic Part 3 and placed into a dedicated space elsewhere in the CPR. However, the sub-committee is not yet in a position to recommend where in the CPR this is best located. One possibility is to re-purpose Part 49 (Specialist Proceedings).

Please follow this link to view the meeting notes.

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Published 13 April 2022

Author – Sue Fox

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