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Ryder Ltd & Hill Hire Ltd v. Man SE & Ors [2020] CAT 21.

Following the decision to award the Defendants a proportion of their costs arising from a misconceived application made by the Claimants, in Ryder Limited (1) and Hill Hire Limited (2) v. Man SE (1) and Others [2020] CAT 21, a summary assessment of the Defendants’ costs claimed of circa £1,391,000 was undertaken.  Total fees of £740,000.00 were allowed despite this being an application that was disposed of after one day.  On a standing back exercise, no further reductions were made, due to the way in which Ryder had brought its application.

The judgment can be found here:  Ryder Ltd & Hill Hire Ltd v. Man SE & Ors [2020] CAT 21.


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