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Deputy Day 2023

This year Deputy Day is heading to Manchester!  11th May 2023, Manchester Hall, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT.

We have a fantastic line up of industry specialists and exclusive content from our speakers to bring you what is sure to be an outstanding day.


How do you deliver value as a Deputy? And who decides what you’re worth?

Deputy Day 2023 explores the question of ‘value’ in a professional Deputy role and asks:

  • Does ‘value’ take on different meanings for different clients?
  • What value can we put on a life after serious injury?
  • How does a Deputy make the most out of every penny of a client’s award?
  • Can we afford to get it wrong?

In our quest to do what is right for our clients, and to make decisions to protect their interests, value is a key factor.

  • In property – navigating the purchase of a home for an injured party, making adaptations and managing family members’ interests in property ventures
  • In financial advice and investments – how do we measure value? In legal costs – hear guidance from a costs judge on the major judgments in recent months
  • Immeasurable value – the intangible impact of a strong client-deputy relationship
  • Building self-worth – We turn the spotlight onto an accessible theatre company which provides artists a platform to perform.
  • Where should a Deputy add value? And how is it measured?

In the midst of a cost of living crisis and unprecedented levels of economic turbulence, value has never been more important and mistakes never more costly.

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