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Appeal proceedings and attendance at hearing

What happens if you are still unsatisfied with the outcome of the assessment? There is further recourse. It will be necessary for the bill to be re-assessed by a Master (currently Master Whalan or Master James).

It will be necessary to carefully consider not only the impact of the hearing on your specific case, but also on other cases you may have, if the issues will be far reaching. There is a risk that if a decision went against you on a point, there is every likelihood this would be applied to all your cases.

However, we maintain a strong, but reasonable approach and would represent you at the hearing.

We will be able to assist in attending the hearing (either in person or by telephone) and will advise you in relation to all the options available to you to ensure this is undertaken in the most costs-efficient manner.

The simplified process is as follows:-

  • Bill assessed – you are unhappy with outcome
  • Letter of appeal sent to costs officer – you are still unhappy with outcome
  • Letter is required to the SCCO requesting a hearing under CPR47.19 (CPD 18.6(2)
  • The Court will fix a date for the hearing and provide at least two weeks’ notice in relation to the same
  • The court will direct whether the hearing is to be held in person or by telephone; this will depend on the nature of the items being appealed

The assessed bill is re-assessed (or specific items of appeal) and final outcome achieved.

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