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Re-calculation of the Bill of Costs following assessment

Once your bill of costs has been assessed and returned to you by the court, the next step is to ensure you are happy with the assessment undertaken by the Senior Courts Costs Office.

Many years ago, the majority of Costs Officers, once they had assessed the bill, would re-calculate the same. However, given the pressures placed on the Costs Officers there are many assessed bills of costs being returned for recalculation. Of course, with the advent of the electronic bill (E-bill) these automatically re-calculate, but we will still be able to assist with analysing and advising you on the outcome of the assessment.

Once the assessed bill of costs is received, we will be happy to re-calculate the sums allowed and provide advice with regard to areas of reductions that have been made. We will advise you on any contentious points and the merits of pursuing an appeal to the assessing officer or beyond.

This carries with it many advantages:-

  • It gives you the reassurance that you have recovered the maximum reasonable costs possible;
  • This enables you to consider the merits of pursuing an appeal and the costs and benefits of doing so;
  • We can assist with the completion of the bill summary to enable you to request the Final Costs Certificate;
  • It enables us to monitor and track trends and recovery rates, not specifically to your firm, but also comparative to others;
  • It enables us to provide you with bespoke training to help you adapt your working practices to ensure the work you are doing is rightly recovered

If you are happy with the outcome of the assessment, the next step is to request the Final Costs Certificate and raise your final invoice for the year!

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