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Free internal training to help our clients work smarter, not harder

Here at A & M Bacon, we are keen to provide you with a personal and bespoke service that is tailored to meet your needs. We consider a personal service is key to ensuring we are doing all we can to ensure your costs recovery is maximised.


We offer free internal training to all clients on a regular basis. Given the number of clients with whom we work and the number of assessments with which we deal, we are well placed to advise not just on your firm’s own recoveries, but also best working practices adopted by other firms.

We consider these sessions are useful for both you and us as:-

  • It enables discussions of the key issues which may be adversely affecting your costs recovery;
  • It enables you to adapt your working practices and presentation of the work you have undertaken to the court to ensure the same is recovered;
  • We can ensure we are presenting this work to your preference to ensure this work is recovered;
  • We can work together to ensure we remain efficient and able to provide you a quick and accurate service

In addition to the above, we monitor general trends and reductions relating to your own firm’s recoveries and all firms with whom we deal. This enables us to advise you accordingly in relation to best working practices. Our current average recovery exceeds 90% and we are continually reviewing data to increase this recovery percentage.

We also regularly publish articles of interest relating to successful appeals and steps you can take to ensure you recover all your costs. If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive these updates directly to your inbox, please click here.

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