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OPG refreshes Deputy Standards

A refreshed set of standards has been published to help all court appointed deputies in delivering their duties.

OPG’s standards for lay deputies, public authority deputies and professional deputies and guidance to advise on how they can meet those standards.

For many years, standards have been in place to help professional and public authority deputies understand their responsibilities and what’s expected of them. However, feedback told the OPG that these standards are sometimes difficult to use and could be simpler, and there was a gap for lay deputies.

The OPG recently reviewed the standards to make them clearer, and applicable to all deputies. These standards now also apply to lay deputies – people who are carrying out the role but are not a professional, such as a solicitor.

What’s changing?

This is not the introduction of a completely new set of standards as the guiding principles of the refreshed standards remain the same and continue to be aligned with the Mental Capacity Act.

The standards are now more focused, built around eight core areas which reflect the duties and responsibilities of all deputies. Much of the material in the original standards has now been re-shaped and included within the supporting guidance.

Read all about the changes clicking below.


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