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All 3 Fee Earners time allowed in assessment

In a recent assessment back from the Client where a claim for 3 fee earners (A, C and D) given the complexities of the matter and difficult family dynamics have been allowed their time on assessment.

Jenny Walmsley, Cost Lawyer and Court of Protection Specialist takes a look at the case where it is definitely worth putting the groundwork in the narrative, all may not be lost!

Did the case cover large assets?

P’s assets were in the region of £1,000,000.

Were there any complicating factors in the case that increased the costs?

P came from a very large family, with complicated family dynamics. P’s family provided care for P, and there was dispute regarding which of P’s siblings should live with, and care for, P.

How did you manage to present the costs to achieve a successful outcome?

The time spent by 3 fee earners attending a family meeting was claimed in the bill (with one fee earner as note taker). The meeting was attended by 5 of P’s siblings, who had differing agendas, and there was disharmony and disagreement amongst the siblings, who remained close to P. Emotions were high and had to be very carefully managed, to ensure the best outcome for P, in his best interests.

The full extent of the difficulties was set out in the narrative of the bill, and referred to in the body of the bill, in respect of the attendance time of each of the three fee earners.

How can the team at A&M Bacon assist other deputies with similar recoveries?

The costs of more than one fee earner are usually rejected on assessment, however, at A&M Bacon we are never complacent, and realise such costs may still be recoverable in exceptional circumstances. We ensure the details of any such circumstances are clearly identified and are fully explained and justified in the bill.



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