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7th March 2022

R v Barts Health NHS Trust – what affect does the use of specialist Counsel have upon the reasonably recoverable hourly rate for the solicitor?”(Part Two)

#Costs #Uncategorised #Hourly rates #reliance on counsel
2nd March 2022

Claimant’s Solicitors shortfall in costs reduced to nil (BCX v DTA [2021] EWHC B27 (Costs))

#Costs #detailed assessment #shortfall
23rd February 2022

Keeping your client informed regarding their legal costs (ST v ZY [2022] EWHC B5)

#Costs #costs budgets #Monitoring Costs Budget #Solicitor and Own Client
17th February 2022

CPR 36 offers: the validity of service and the determination of whether the 99% Claimant Part 36 offer was genuine (London Trocadero (2015) LLP v Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd & Ors)

#Costs #Claimant Part 36 #offers #Part 36
10th February 2022

The Statement of Costs Pilot Scheme (PD51X) is not to be renewed following its expiry on 31st March 2022

#Costs #CPRC #statements of costs
3rd February 2022

Is it reasonable for leading counsel to be paid a full brief fee if the case is settled? (Hankin v Barrington & Ors)

#Costs #brief fee #good reason to depart from costs budget #offers
27th January 2022

R v Barts Health NHS Trust – What costs are recoverable when you have been awarded the costs of one action that was heard with another (Part One)

#Costs #apportionment #common costs
19th January 2022

Summary assessment and the relevance of the precedent H Costs Budget (Goodram & Anor v Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd)

#Costs #costs budget #statement of costs #Summary assessment
23rd December 2021

A solicitor, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, must be taken to know the Civil Procedure Rules (Holterman v Electrium (2020) EWHC 3915 (TCC))

#Costs #CPR #legal research

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