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9th August 2021

(1) Beattie Passive Norse Limited (2) NPS Property Consultants Limited -v- Canham Consulting Limited: how building your case on limited evidence can leave you with serious costs consequences.

#Costs #Part 36
5th August 2021

The Ministry of Justice have requested views on their dispute resolution vision

#Costs #ADR #Mediation
3rd August 2021

CJC Guideline Hourly Rates Final Report – the proposed increases

#Costs #Hourly rates
29th July 2021

In Gregor Fisken Ltd -v- Bernard Carl [2021] EWCA Civ 792, the Court of Appeal made observations about two issues; drafting of a list of issues; failure to consider mediation.

#Costs #case management #Mediation
19th July 2021

90% of Budgeted Costs: The impact that the Costs Budget has on amount of the payment on account of costs was once again considered in the case of of Puharic v Silverbond Enterprises Ltd

#Costs #budgets #payments on account of costs
15th July 2021

The requirement for a Costs Budget in asbestos claims was explored in Smith v W Ford & Sons (Contractors) Ltd [2021] EWHC 1749 (QB).

#Costs #asbestos #costs budgets
12th July 2021

Considering varying a retainer or hourly rates?  In Acupay System LLC v Stephenson Harwood LLP [2021] EWHC B11 (Costs), the Court looked at the solicitor/client assessment regarding CFA fairness, the need for independent advice upon the CFA and related issues.  

#Costs #CBA #CFA #discounted CFA #retainer
8th July 2021

Monitoring Costs Budgets – Part One: Successful at trial? The role the Costs Budget plays when quantifying a payment on account of costs

#Costs #budgets #monitoring budgets #payment on account of costs
1st July 2021

PART 36 (AND THE LAW) – Shah & Anor v Shah & Anor

#Costs #Claimant Part 36 #Part 36

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