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Kellie Barnes, Costs Lawyer

Kellie Barnes, Costs Lawyer

Kellie started her employment with Michael and Alison Bacon in the legal costs arena in 1991, initially as an administration assistant and thereafter an account’s assistant.  Following a change of course in 2000, Kellie returned to work for Michael and Alison Bacon at A & M Bacon Limited in October 2004, after the birth of her first child.  Kellie received on the job training from Michael in legal costs (both recovery and adverse).

Returning to the classroom, Kellie undertook the ACL training course and became a fully fledged Costs Lawyer in December 2015.

Kellie has experience in preparing complex Points of Dispute.  She also has experience in both high value civil and commercial litigation and has successfully defended challenges against the recoverability of After The Event Insurance Premiums.

Kellie now works as a Court of Protection specialist for A & M Bacon Limited.

In her spare time, Kellie enjoys spending time, when they are free, with her two (not so little) children, husband and her dog, Bailey.  Kellie enjoys eating out with her friends and family and watching motorsports.

Kellie Barnes, Costs Lawyer
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